Wild eyes turn rapidly during REM

I continue my search for a muse in erased dreams,

The morning presents me a humid day that causes barometers to burst on sight,

Nothing changes except my thirst for a relief,

Birds descend for a taste in a puddle from the previous days flood,

Salvaging the last taste before the evaporation causes them to ascend in unison,

Soaring towards the sky whose clouds holds promises for everlasting hydration,

Opening my notebook,

I take my first sip witnessing a droplet splash off the bottle and onto the page,

The genesis of processing a rejuvenated idea that was once buried in recollections,

A fresh canvas for a vibrant tale to pour effortlessly with the right guidance,

Prose and poetry begins streaming into minds

where words of rage and peace can compliment one another,

In turn to provoke, captivate, and enlighten the minds with every rejuvenated page


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