• It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded on here, and that is due to working on finishing up a short story that I want to get done before the end of the month. Poetry has taken a back seat not that I don’t like writing it anymore, it’s just that the motivation has diminished slightly since asserting my attention to sharpening my narrative skills. In addition I need to focus on my last three classes for my degree. Anyways, leave a like, a comment , and follow if you’d like to read more of my work. PEACE


Vision enhanced to high definition

Whenever the truth remains consistent,

But the resolution has become blurred

Causing a distortion,

It’s beginning to channel an annoyance

So I stand by amidst the commotion,

Fragile loyalty succumbing to betrayal

Memories crammed into double deckers ships

but you’ve left me sinking in bewilderment,

We’ve crossed paths through darkened shores without a single word uttered

No longer worried about the days that follow

Because the task is simple

For we’ll together bury any dilemmas and rise with new beginnings


standing still.jpeg





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