Don’t make me regret it

Fall in love with your problems

Maybe they’ll leave you too

It’s become strenuous to starve my distractions

in order to feed my focus

but it must be done

Many succumb to the withdrawal of familiar desires

And it’s funny how they try to move on

but at the same time, hold on

The world won’t treat you better because you’re a good person

and you very well might be

but that force of energy has no exemptions, and you will be judged

when the horn blares our last days

Damaged people are dangerous

they know they can survive and when they do

Even happiness has its own consequences

They burned my dreams

but forgot to blow the ashes away

Underestimation is my fuel

I’ll start from scratch rebuilding my future that needs me

and dismiss a past that is now a mirage

So if I tell you my story, don’t make me regret it

macro photography of person wrapped with clear plastic bag

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