Go for it

Do you and do it with confidence. As long as it’s not going to hurt people around you and the ones in your life and is legal, then do it without being perturbed by the comments and questions they have for you.

Donโ€™t leave your life by the dictations of others, because no one dictates theirs. Do whatever that makes you happy, and never mind what people will say, because they will always talk. -TheRhymeRula

Judgment without end

Days pass good and bad

I’m avoiding armies of “almost” people

Dangerous as explosives they’re only good for questioning your motives

Forget them, even if your “world” spins lonely now

Grains of salt spill out of my grasp, their wounds will never heal if they always utter negativity

End it in silence, your power flows truthful when you’re on your purpose

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